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If you are thinking of selling your home please allow us, at Sowins Realtor and Property Management, to make a suggestion - before you think any further, get some free professional advice! "Experience the Distinction of Service" an office that will negotiate your commissions.

The market is getting a lot tougher and homes are not selling overnight anymore. Today, if you're thinking of putting your home on the market just to see how much you might get for it… and you'd only sell if you could make a "Killing" and get your price, you should probably reconsider.

You see, the competition will really be strong from other homeowners who need to sell and are willing to accept Fair Market Value (a professional Realtor can tell you what that is!). Still you might be asking yourself, "What have I got to lose?" Maybe nothing. You might be one of the lucky few who finds a buyer willing to pay more than fair market value. But don't set your hopes too high. And if your circumstances were to change, and you needed to sell your home, you may have actually damaged your chances of getting top dollar because of a condition called "overexposure!" This occurs when a house has been on the market too long, usually because it's priced too high, and prospective buyers begin to suspect that there must be something wrong with it if it hasn't sold by now. Your Realtor can help you avoid this too!

So, if you're seriously thinking of selling your home, then by all means call a professional Realtor first! We believe that if your Realtor only helped you set the right price they would earn their commission.

  • If you price at fair market value you have a 90% chance of selling.
  • If you price at 5% above FMV you only have a 50% chance of selling.
  • If you price at 10% above FMV you only have a 10% chance of selling.

And there's so much more they know that can help you sell in today's market… like the fact that over 30% of home sales are a result of an effective sign-post on the property - because buyers drive through the area they want to live in. Sowins Realtor and Property Management encourage you to seek out the services of a successful Realtor.